5 Ways to Wear More Colour

It’s easy to fall into the routine of wearing little colour. A white shirt and jeans, or black on black are always safe bets when it comes to getting ready quickly, or always looking fashionable without having to try. But colour can be exciting in a wardrobe – and for those who are a little scared to rock coloured clothing, there are many ways to introduce colour into your everyday life… slowly.


My go-to look is always to pair denim with a white shirt and a pop of colour on the feet. My closet is sadly monochromatic, but my shoe closet is a different story. Whether it’s a pink flat or a red heel or a blue wedge or a green sneaker, there’s no limit to how many outfits you can create just by swapping out shoes.


The beauty of being a woman is having the excuse to carry a handbag just about everywhere. Besides having a place to put all of your (and let’s be real, the man in your life’s) things, we get a whole other type of  clothing to add to our wardrobe. Whether it’s a tote or a clutch, feel free to colourfy your look with your handbag!


Whether you prefer chunky rings, fancy earrings or a statement necklace, there’s no limit to the amount of possibilities you have with jewellery. One walk downtown will show you countless options of accessories in just about every colour, and if you do it right – your jewellery can be a statement piece that your outfit needs. Try an all-black look with a statement necklace, or a fabulous bracelet to give you a little something extra in a bright colour.


If colourful clothing or accessories aren’t your thing, try adding some colour in your makeup. A pop of colour on your lips, a bold and colourful eyeshadow look or a bright blush or highlighter are all fabulous ways to add some colour to your life without having to change your current wardrobe or shopping habits.


Okay, so maybe this one isn’t for everybody. But it’s truly something for the bold. Trying out new colours in your hair is an exciting way to add more colour to your look. Maybe you’re shier on the colour side and you’re brave enough to rock a colourful streak, or you’re bold enough to go full-on with a pink or purple wig. There’s no limit to what you can rock!


Remember, with the right amount of confidence, you can rock just about anything. So if you’re ready to wear head-to-toe monochromatic pink looks or you’re just ready for a little red heel to accentuate your outfit, a smile and some confidence is the best accessory – in any colour!

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