5 Ways To Incorporate Menswear Into Your Wardrobe

For 2019, the International Women’s Day theme is ‘Balance for Better’, so why not also balance the scales in the name of fashion?  I mean, if the guys can wear it, so can we. And I’m all about comfort when it comes to dressing, so why not take a page out of the men’s style guide for better comfort, better looks and, better balance.

Admit it, more than once you’ve seen a menswear look, whether it’s an immaculately tailored suit or a great pair of sneakers, and go ‘I wish I could wear that.’ Well, I’m here to tell you there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t. Borrowing from the boys is admittedly one of my favourite trends, simply because it oozes casual cool and I’m not one to get dolled up and go out.

Coco Chanel is easily the inspiration for this transition to women wearing men’s clothing. How did she do that you might ask. Well, in the 1920’s simply wearing sailor pants instead of swimwear at a seaside resort heralded the then growing movement of androgynous styling filled with suits, blazers and other menswear pieces.

Today, it’s much easier for us to borrow from the guys, but you might wonder, what pieces to even swipe from your partners closet on occasion, or what to add to your own. Here are my top 5 picks of what to borrow from the guys:

Outerwear (Bomber / Varsity Jacket)

If you prefer casual looks then a Bomber or Varsity Jacket is the way to go.  And, for more structured looks adding a blazer is icing on the cake! These add a pretty fun contrast between the men’s pieces something lacy, frilly, heels or other quite feminine elements.


Boyfriend Jeans

There’s boyfriend jeans that are made for women, then there’s jeans that actually belong to your boyfriend. This article speaks about the latter, and is about embracing that they’re oversized (but just enough so that your entire butt isn’t hanging outside) and creating the perfect slouchy looks for a lazy day. If they’re too long cuffing them is a great option, or adding heels to add that extra feminine touch.


Button Down/ Flannel Shirts

My favourite thing about button downs and flannels is that you can wear them over or under other pieces of clothing and they still work. Just that button downs are a bit dressier and flannels tend to be more casual. That’s why flannels are easier for that tied around the waist, wear as a sweater, even wear under a dress for a layered look. While button downs pair easily with jeans, slacks, structured blazers and other more tailored pieces for a sophisticated look.

A Watch

Men’s watches carry with them an air of sophistication that I’ve never quite been able to feel with a woman’s watch. It could also be that I just prefer to the chunky look and feel and the ability to stack then with my regular bracelets and get a perfectly balanced look. If you prefer the larger look and a sucker for stacking jewellery, then is probably the best way for you to introduce that pieces into your wardrobe. If you find most are two big, most jewellery stores are able to get the links out or shorten the band in less than 15 minutes so you get still get the fit you want.


The perfect element of sharpness to any outfit for either men or women, especially if sneakers aren’t your thing. And if relaxed fit outfits are more your style, then Oxfords are a must have in your day to day wardrobe. They also go with just about anything except for cocktail dresses so you don’t have to worry about what it goes with.

So if you’ve been eyeing those men’s pieces but thinking you just can’t pull it off, this is a sign that you can!

Rochelle is a 25 yr old Digital Marketer by day, Blogger/ Beauty Product Junkie by night. And all day, every day I’m an advocate for things local & regional. My blog ellerstyle.com features products and services available right here in Trinidad & Tobago and by extension the Caribbean so that we can get familiar. Follow me on IG @eller_style!

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