Balance For Better: How To Bring Balance To Your Life

With the theme for International Women’s Day 2019 being “Balance for Better”, it leaves me to question what does balance for us women really mean. While we’re asking for balance in society, we too need to find balance in our own lives. When we consider all aspects of life, are we balancing for better or are we constantly juggling work, play and everything in between? Are we living proactively or reactively firefighting? I’m sure we’ve all answered the latter at some point, but each day is a new opportunity for us to ‘balance the scales’, so to speak. Whether it be emotionally, physically or mentally, we all have ownership of the story we want to write for our lives. It is important to keep in mind, however, that choosing yourself is NEVER selfish, for as the saying goes ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. Let’s work on keeping those cups abundantly filled, overflowing even, to show up and be our best selves every day- a self that you and others would forever be thankful for.

Balance: a state of equilibrium or equipoise.

Balance your feels—It’s often easier to find balance with physical things outside of ourselves, but quieting the noise within is sometimes proven difficult. One take on this is the balance between soul and ego. From a young age, we are taught that being conceited only gets us so far for so long, but sometimes we are not taught what the flip side of being full of oneself is. There is the school of thought that suggests since we are a soul with a body, it should be nurtured more carefully as it is eternal. Taking care of your soul comprises  aspects like not taking things personally because the world doesn’t revolve around you and using your words to build instead of destroy—whether it be yourself or another. The more you practice positivity, the less negative self-talk can enter your space. We have to remember that the word ‘no’ should not be seen as negative for it can oftentimes save you from overextending yourself which ultimately leads to emotional burnout anyway. If a person is upset when you politely decline to protect your energy it is their cross to carry because you must know thyself. We should also concentrate on if and how their behaviour may impact us since we are only in control of our reaction and nothing else. Harping on what another does proves both futile and emotionally draining. Instead, ask yourself if getting more information would positively affect you and if not, knowing the answer isn’t important. Living your best life usually involves being emotionally intelligent which includes being self aware. The more we keep this in check is the more balanced we will be, just ask Lil Duval!

Balance those weights—No one can ever emphasise just how important physical activity is to your wellbeing. This, coupled with eating well, makes you feel as if you can conquer the world girl! Whether it be dancing, swimming or yoga- just get out there and do…something! Your future self will thank you. No one says you have to be the next Serena, but at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can really keep the stress away! Lest we forget that a gym body alone does not make us healthy- afterall we can’t out-gym a fried chicken and ‘Red Solo’ diet. While we can enjoy life’s sweet treats from time to time, moderation is essential. We’re officially in the season, for some, where giving up a beloved food is common. However, another take on this practice is to foster new and improved eating habits that basically cancel out the not so good ones anyway. For forty days, why not vow to have at least three servings of fruit a day if you don’t usually do that.

Balance the beat up—It is okay to not be okay. We are already super women in our own right. There is no need to prove this to anyone else; for once we live in love all else falls into place. However, life happens and it is imperative to know ourselves well enough to realise when we need help. Sometimes your best friend or even a therapist can act as a great sound board to get your frustrations out when journaling doesn’t quite do the trick. Choose this person wisely though as there’s no need for the hot mess express to have all your business out on the road instead of trying to help you. Never be too hard on yourself (it’s a struggle sometimes, am I right?!) Figure out what may matter five years from now and stress about that, but the issue that won’t have an impact next week?—issa no sis.

Knowing what to balance informs how to balance. Although priorities differ for all of us queens, mind, body and soul must remain intact for a beautiful and fruitful life. Learning to be resilient when faced with adversity proves to be both beneficial and inspiring. Let’s lift each other up because that way we rise anyway. And remember, balance is key.

A firm believer in meeting you where you are for your health and wellness goals, Zakiya-Tuere Savary is a budding health educator with a passion for dance; fulfilling her purpose one health promoting tip at a time. Follow her on IG @tueretalks

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